Here is a selection of some of my best photos. If you would like a copy, just left-click and save the images or if you want a larger copy for any reason, just send me an e-mail and I'll get back to you. You can find the address at the bottom of the main page.


Cornwall 2017

Some photos from my jaunt to Cornwall in the summer of 2017. Go to this gallery


Pompeii 2016

If you thought the Rome photos didn't have enough ruins in them, here are some more... Go to this gallery


Rome 2016

Benvenuti alla cittā eterna! Go to this gallery


Belgrade 2015

When your job takes you to unexpected places, the camera is packed. Enjoy a rainy Belgrade! PS The weather was really nice the days I had to work. Go to this gallery


London 2015

The less known sights of London, and some more well known. Go to this gallery



Welcome to the other side of the Exe estuary for a walk along the Dawlish seawall. Go to this gallery



Welcome to the Roman Baths in Bath. Go to this gallery


Tintagel in spring

The result from a photo expidition to Tintagel in April 2015. I broke a new record in how many photos to take in a day, 485. Waves crashing into rocks are elusive and hard to catch at the right moment... But don't worry, only a small selection of them are shown here. Go to these galleries - gallery 1 or gallery 2


Exeter 2014

After a year in Exeter it might be abot time to upload some photos from here, so here they are! Go to this gallery.


Exmouth in spring

Photos from a trip to the seaside in south Devon. Who said it is always raining in Britain? There is not a single cloud in these photos, there are plenty of seagulls however. Go to this gallery.


Paris, September 2013

Photos from our trip to Paris in September 2013. Mostly photos of tourist attractions under grey skies. Go to this gallery.


Toulouse Spring/Summer Photo Dump 2013

Photos from spring and summer 2013, no particular connection between them. Just some (more or less) recent photos that I took and like. Go to this gallery.


Jardin Japonais en printemps

Pictures of the Japanese Garden in Toulouse, Easter Sunday 2013. Certainly cheaper than actually going to Japan, but it's not really the same. Oh, and beware of the dragon. Go to this gallery.


Spring flowers

Hej mamma. Här finns lite bilder på magnolior till dig. Ge inte upp hoppet, våren kommer till Göteborg också så småningom.

Hi Mum! Here are some mangnolia-pictures just for you. More pics to follow when I get around to it. Go to this gallery.


Toulouse - December 2012

Night time (or twilight) Toulouse during December. There are mainly photos of the christmas decorations here. Go to this gallery.


Toulouse - Autumn 2012

The result of several strolls through the centre of Toulouse with my new camera. Lots of photos of colourfull trees and the major places of interest in la ville rose, such as the Pont Neuf. Go to this gallery.


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