Rome, May 2016

City view Welcome to Rome! Here there be ruins and old houses and churches and temples and lots of other things.

Colosseo And welcome to the colosseum.

The Roman forum Alas and alack, there is an entrance fee these days to the forum. This is the view from the cheap seats, i.e. outside the perimeter fence.

Fontana di Trevi Anyone fancy a bath? Noone is watching you, noone at all...

Teatro Marcello If there already was half a building, why bother starting from the beginning. This is the Teatro Marcello. Which bit is the original is left as an exercise to the reader.

Piazza Navona Another classic view. (Are there any other sort of view in this city?) This is Piazza Navona, in case you were wondering.

Basilica San Pietro The Basilica San Pietro. If you're visiting for the jubilee, you have a special access route, us mere mortals use the pavement.

Seagull Mandatory seagull photo, this one and his friend can be found at the exit from St Peter's Church.

Largo Torre Argentina Some more ruins; this is Largo Torre Argentina. There are more cats than silver towers though.

Piazza del Popolo View over Piazza del Popolo.

Piazza Barberini Some other famous statue in the middle of city traffic. Piazza Barberini has that in common with Place de la République in Paris.

Temples Small temples near the Bocca della verità. The round one is Tempio di Ercole Vincitore says google maps.

Trajanus market Behind Trajanus' markets. And with this I leave you for this time.

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