Toulouse Spring/Summer Photo Dump 2013

Pont Neuf in twilight Not the most original shot in my collection, but I like to take photos of Pont Neuf at sunset. It's something about the colours and the ethereal changes in the blueness of the sky reflected in the water.

City wall What is left of the city wall, photo from early spring.

City wall The back of the Augustins' monastery/art museum.

Open door Somewhere in the city there is a door, and at least on this occasion, it was open.

It's raining In case anyone missed it, thanks to the heavy snowfall, and later intense rains, the height of the river was above normal for most of the spring 2013.

More rain It never rains but it pours...

City wall Back were we started, at the pont neuf where two seagulls contemplate the river as it flows by.