Bath, August 2015

Roman baths terrace Welcome to Bath and the Roman Baths. In this place people have been drinking warm water for millenia. Praise Sulis Minerva

Roman baths main basin The main outdoors basin, viewable from the terrace.

Inside the Roman Baths This is what the restored part looks like.

inner pool Toss in a coin or two in one of the inner pools. Or why not a curse written on a lead tablet so you can be historically accurate?

Old floor The less restored part, where you aren't allowed to walk anymore, probably it's for the better.

Running water Water on it's way to the main basin.

People There were more people who also had the idea to visit Bath on this particular day.

Bath cathedral Somewhat newer architecture.

Cathedral and arch From a different angle, the cathedral and the 19th century remake of the outside of the Roman Baths.

Too much All this culture and history can become too much. Make room for afternoon tea before this happens to you.

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