It's a bird, it's a fish. No wait, it's both. Pavillion decorations. Can't decide if I like the fish or the birds better.

small boat Small boat, wishing it could go swim with the big boats in the Channel. Or possibly a cement replica of a real ship.

. Why swim in the sea, when there is a pool. (Probably because the sea usually is freezing cold...)

. Missed the boat. The Mayflower has already sailed, it would appear.


Eden project

Eden project domes So let's leave Plymouth and go look at some plants. If one has a left-over quarry, why not build a giant greenhouse or two? Welcome to the Eden project.

Old plants So, let's start with the history of plants, and since I'm the one choosing the representative plant, welcome to the jurassic era (or possibly older, must check later.)

Giant bee The bees were really large back then, in any case.

Inside the dome Inside view. Nicely humid and hot. So hot they closed off the highest walkway.

Inside the other dome Inside the Mediterranean dome.

Lavender field with bee A more normal sized insect enjoying the flowers.

outside view I found some more plants that likes it better outside.

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