Dawlish, August 2015

View of the English Channel Say hello to the blue sea again.

Sea and cliffs This is the route the Penzance train takes once it heads west of Exeter St Davids.

Blue sea More sea.

Sea huts Buy your very own little hut, or not.

More views More views of the English Channel.

And even more sea views There is something of a theme to these photos...

Dawlish sea wall The famous Dawlish seawall now that it's repaired after the winter 2013/2014 storm.

Footprints Footprints in the sand. Despite it being August the sea was rather cold.

Seafoam Seafoam from breaking waves.

And an actual breaking wave.

Seagull The mandatory seagull photo.

The seawall again Another look at the seawall.

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