Exeter, 2014

Red brick church Finally, some photos from Exeter. Let's start with one of many, many small red churches.

Gandy street According to the tourist office in Exeter, this is the original version of Diagon Alley (from the Harry Potter books). In any case, it's a nice little street with many small shops.

Northernhay The view from the highest spot in Northernhay gardens. The war memorial this day was miraculously free of sea gulls or other birds.

castle wall Follow the wall at Northernhay and one gets near to Exeter castle.

Medieval bridge This is the city's oldest bridge. The river has turned away from this location quite some time ago, but the bridge still stands.

River Exe The river Exe still exists though. Here it is. ;)

River Exe towards town centre Taken at the footpath south of the quayside; looking towards the city centre.

The canal meets the river Exe To your left, the river Exe. To your right, Exeter canal, which runs parallel to the river all the way to the English Channel.

Harbour Further upstreams is the harbour, where the swans and geese and doves and seagulls eagerly awaits your breadcrumbs.

Exe again The river Exe in daylight.

Rive Exe by dusk And the same view by nightfall.

Exeter canal in dusk The Exeter canal.

Exeter skyline Exeter skyline in the dusk. The towers are Exeteder Cathedral.

cathedral ... and this is what the cathedral looks from the side later in the evening.

old quarters Some old buildings near the cathedral.

tree in lamp light This probably could have been taken anywhere, but it's from in front of the cathedral.

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