Pompeii, May 2016

Behind the scenes The city of Pompeii might be in need of some moderate repairs.

House of the gladiators House of the gladiators.

Lead pipe

Original plumbing, Roman lead pipe outside the baths.

Shade Galleria outside the baths. Shade is always welcome.

Vesuvius Pompeii main square, with a view towards Vesuvius.

Man and pottery One of the victims and some of the pottery found in the city.

Aqcua You're never far from a water point, though I suspect not all the features are made of original parts.

Indoors One of the better decorated houses.

View of the bay View from a hill on the other side of the city.

Tourists Now, answer me this: are there more cameras than visitors or the other way around?

Not a seagull Not a seagull, but look closely there is a pigeon instead.

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