Tintagel, spring 2015 - Part 1

Tintagel 1 Where to start, where to start? Here is my first glimpse of what's left of the castle.

Tintagel 1 A closer view. The bridge is the only way to reach Tintagel Island.

Tintagel 1 Unless you want to pass it, you have to enjoy the view from other nearby places instead.

Tintagel 1 The blue seas and sky and cliffs. That sort of things.

Tintagel 1 Or looking at the tide. This is pretty high tide by the way, so Merlin's cave is still inaccessible.

Tintagel 1 So let's take the stairs to what's left of the castle.

Tintagel 1 Speak the password and the seagulls will let you enter. (Or buy a ticket at the start of the causeway if you're feeling less adventorous.)

Tintagel 1 Ruins of a wall.

Tintagel 1 Interesting ruin no 6. Or "Dark-Age remains" according to the English Heritage map. The guide book (that I didn't buy) is possible a bit more informative.

Tintagel 1 The view from the castle island is nice too.

Tintagel 1 The present day inhabitants.

Tintagel 1 And some more of them. On the calmer, and less accessible, half of the island.

Tintagel 1 Tourist, with camera.

Tintagel 1 Younger visitors. En garde!

Tintagel 1 Grass on what remains of the Chapel.

Tintagel 1 Some more of the Chapel and the view from "inside" it.

Tintagel 1 The remains of the wine cellar?

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