Toulouse during Autumn 2012

Prairie des Filtres, photo 1 This is the park next to where I live, the Praire des Filtres.

Prairie des Filtres, photo 2 More of the Praire des Filtres, with Pont Neuf in the background.

Prairie des Filtres, photo 3 Praire des Filtres, looking in the other direction.

Prairie des Filtres, photo 4 Praire des Filtres, again. I quite like this park. The marks on the grass are caused by the table-tennis tables which were there earlier during the summer.

Prairie des Filtres, photo 5 Praire des Filtres, getting ready for the planting next season.

Pont Neuf, photo 1 From Praire des Filtres, the easiest way to get to the centre of Toulouse is to take the Pont Neuf. To the left you see the Hôtel Dieu St-Jacques. One of the classical roads to St-Jacques-de-Compostelle passes here, or Santiago de Compostela.

Pont Neuf, photo 1 Pont Neuf again. This photo is taken from the bridge south of Pont Neuf, the much less elegant Pont St Michel.

Pont Neuf, photo 3 This is what Pont Neuf looks like in the evening.

Garonne, photo 1 Meta-photo of exhibition along the quay-side.

Garonne, photo 2 Of course, walking along the river-side like everyone else can get a bit boring. Why not climb on the wall instead?

Garonne, photo 2 Dome de la Grave reflecting in the river.

Seagull Seagulls like the river too. The yelloy buoys are usually used by the people rowing or on water skis.

Garonne, photo 3 Photo from pont St Michel, looking towards Pont Neuf

Quai de la Daurade Photo from taken from Pont Neuf, looking towards the city centre. Visible here is Les Jacobins (left) and the church Notre Dame de la Daurade (right) and the departure point for the river cruises.

Les Jacobins, photo 1 The convent of the Jacobins. And no, these Jacobins had nothing to do with the French Revolution.

Les Jacobins, photo 2 Photo from the same location, several hours later.

Les gargouilles de Jacobins, photo 1 The gargoyles on the roof of the jacobin monastery.

Les gargouilles de Jacobins, photo 2 A closer look at another gargoyle, and an unsuspecting pigeon. Behold the power of a camera with optic zoom...

Inside les Jacobins This is my best photo from how Les Jacobins looks on the inside.

Lycée and a bike A a bike outside the nearby Lycée Pierre de Fermat.

Marché de Capitole The Saturday morning organic vegetable market on the Place du Capitole. And such a beautiful car passing by too.

Capitole, North corner Saturday morning, the part of the place du Capitole not dedicated to the market. See if you can spot the McDonalds.

Capitole by night The Capitole building by night.

Place Wilson Place Wilson, with fountain and carousel.

Leaves in autumn A seasonal image of a tree somewhere in the middle of Allées Jean Jaurès.

volare Aerial view of the biggest round-about in Toulouse, the Grand Rond. Actually the name refers to the park inside, but there is no need to be overly pedantic.

Pigeon and yellow leaves A pigeon taking a stroll in the Grand Rond.

Jardin des Plantes 1 Jardin des Plantes. Statue of someone and someone's old bike.

Jardin des Plantes 2 Jardin des Plantes, autumnal version and someone who just finished her running.

Jardin des Plantes 3 A bird house in the Jardin des Plantes.

Jardin des Plantes 4 Ducks in a small river, inside Jardin des Plantes.

Jardin des Plantes 5 Again beautiful atumn colours. This time just outside the natural history museum.

Birds Anyone knows what these birds are?

Chateau d'Eau The Chateau d'Eau. Once the place for the communal water pumps. These days it's a museum for photography.

Anonymous churh in St Cyprien by night And this is it for this time. Nighty, night everyone.

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