Toulouse in December 2012

Pont Neuf in twilight Again, let's start at the Pont Neuf as the suns begins to set.

Pont St Pierre To your left, a familiar sight. The hôtel Dieu St-Jacques and the pont St Pierre.

Pont St Michel To your right, pont St Michel in all its green splendour.

Quai de la Garonne The quay-side, at dark.

Rue Alsace-Lorraine The christmas decorations on Rue Alsace-Lorraine. The musée des Augustins is to the rigt in the picture.

Rue Alsace-Lorraine too More christmas decorations on the same road. Shoes, anyone?

La cour Henri IV Even more christmas decorations, here inside the Capitole at the Cour Henri IV.

Xmas market The entrance to this year's christmas market.

Xmas market too The same christmas market, when the sun was still almost up.

Noël du Midi The very midi-pyrénée-ish christmas tree at Place Wilson and the star of Betlehem. Or at least one can image in it to be the star of Betlehem. In reality it's the planet Jupiter.

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